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1,288,042 objects within 816,983 records.

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The Scheme's database holds records of artefacts and coins found by the public, whilst pursuing a wide range of activities (the majority from metal detecting). We do not record details of objects found by archaeologists, and these data can be found within the local Historic Environment Office.

Our records are made available with differing levels of information, depending on your user account level. The Scheme is very willing to give research access to bona fide researchers. You can register with us and indicate that you would like higher level access. An ever increasing body of research is now being conducted on our collated data and is enabling some very high calibre work with great success in obtaining AHRC funding.  

Since late March, the database has now incorporated two very substantial corpora of numismatic data - the Oxford University Celtic Coin Index (denoted by the CCI identifier) and Cardiff University's Iron Age and Roman coins of Wales project (denoted by the IARCW identifier). These data enhance and complement the data that the Scheme has collected. It should be noted that the information gleaned from them has been imported from a differing data model, and so images and inscriptions aren't always available. We do not have access to the objects to improve this situation. 

The half a million objects recorded mark was reached on March 21st 2010.