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Research in progress using our data

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Research projects in progress or completed
Primary investigator Title Level End date
Neil Holbrook Medieval Isle of Wight

Neil Holbrook - Dissertation Research Outline MA Medieval Archaeology 2014 H0 There is no evidence to suggest the presence of a culture on the Isle of Wight distinct from southern England during the 5th to 8th Centuries. H1 There is sufficient evid…

Masters degree 0000
Britt Baillie AHRC: Occupied Medieval Villages project

I am researching occupied medieval villages as part of the AHRC Cambridge Community Heritage Project led by Carenza Lewis at the University of Cambridge.

Large scale research AHRC 0000
Hillery Harrison Settlement dynamics in Mercia, c. AD 400-1150

I am an MA (Research) student at University of Nottingham, and am using your data base as part of my research into the development of rural Mercia. For this reason I would like to upgrade my account so that I can see grid references for the locations of finds. I will be using 'Se…

Masters degree 0000
Sian Thomas The South West Peninsula and the Roman World: A New Interpretation of Social Identity during the 1st to 4th Centuries AD

The South West Peninsula and the Roman World: A New Interpretation of Social Identity during the 1st to 4th Centuries AD The principal aim of my thesis is to resituate the Romano-British period in the South-West through an exploration of the relationship betwe…

PhD level research 0000
Susan Pearce Bronze Age metalwork from south west Britain

In 1983 I published a corpus of Bronze Age metalwork from south west Britain (BAR 120, vols i, ii, 1983, Pearce Susan M) . I am now working on an update of the corpus in this monograph, to be published by BAR in 2014/2015.

Personal research project 0000
Jon Baczkowski Early Neolithic in Sussex.

I am currently on PhD, at the University of Southampton, researching the Early Neolithic in Sussex. My main area of interest is the Worthing Group flint mines and their wider environs, but I am also cataloging Early Neolithic sites across Sussex. Access to he PAS catalogue will be of gr…

PhD level research 0000
Shelagh Norton Iron Age marsh forts

I am currently researching possible Iron Age 'marsh-forts' in North Shropshire at University of Birmingham through a combination of landscape analysis and palaeoenvironmental research. I have access to the HER via Shropshire CC but I also need PAS access to complete the picture. This is a…

PhD level research -
Hilary Paterson Church plate and liturgical paraphernalia dated 500-1100 AD

Record items of church plate and liturgical paraphernalia dated 500-1100 AD for production of a comprehensive published catalogue of items, with additional output including liason with museums for short term exhibition, conference and publication of edited academic volume. Research to be …

PhD level research 0000
John Brown Mid Tees research project

The Mid Tees Research Project is grassroots archaeological project in the early development stage, investigating Roman military and civilian settlement in the Tees corridor between the tidal limit at Worsall and Piercebridge. The focus of the project is a Roman military and multi-…

Archaeology society project 0000
Christopher Thomas Roman road and earthwork identification via LIDAR

I am undertaking research for an undergraduate dissertation in archaeology at Hull University. I am trying to identify Roman roads and other earthwork features using lidar, and it would help to be able to see the PAS find spots in the GIS. My area of research is around Ulley…

Undergraduate 0000
Robin Claxton Relationship between the landscape and linear earthworks

I am currently studying archaeology and for my dissertation am investigating the relationship between the landscape and linear earthworks and in particular, the Aberford Dykes in Leeds, West Yorkshire and the Roman Rig in South Yorkshire. My intention is to plot PAS data against these li…

Undergraduate 0000
Gwynhwyvar Pearce Stainfield Lincolnshire research

I am currently conducting an Undergraduate Archaeology Dissertation into the archaeology and wider context of a multi-period and phase site in Stainfield, Lincolnshire. Various PAS artifacts are referenced as having been found in Stainfield Parish and I was hoping to have more specific in…

Undergraduate 0000
Sofia Taipale Romano-British sculpture in context in Eastern England

My research is on Romano-British sculpture in context in Eastern England. Thus in order to get the full picture of the repertoire of sculpture found in the area, more recent finds should also be included. This study is for my research master thesis at Leiden University, Netherlands, which…

PhD level research 0000
Terence Manby Neolithic and Bronze Age Settlement

Continuing research, extending back to the 1950s, on the Neolithic and Bronze Age settlement and flint, stone and metal artefact distributions across Northern England, defined as counties north of the River Welland to the Scottish border. Also determining inter-regional exchange of artef…

Personal research project 0000
Tracey O'Leary Society and Religion in Wirral

Society and Religion in Wirral - beyond Rome This research project targets Wirral in the early middle ages, or post Roman era. The North West of England in this period is particularly under researched and the reasons for this will form part of the overarching discussion on how this sectio…

PhD level research 0000
Sam Wilson Wars of the Roses battlefields of Tewkesbury and Barnet

I am undertaking post graduate study on the Wars of the Roses battlefields of Tewkesbury and Barnet and intend on undertaking large scale metal detector surveys of these sites. It will be very beneficial to me if I am able to view precise locations of already recovered artefacts as this c…

PhD level research 0000
Connor Sheppard Roman coinage found at Caistor St Edmund

The proposal for my undergraduate dissertation is to carry out research on the subject of Roman coinage found at Caistor St Edmund and the surrounding area. This will involve the gathering of raw data from the records available, from the PAS database and the Norfolk Historic Environment R…

PhD level research 0000
Noreen Ashton GIS analysis of PAS data

I would like to request to become a research level user as I am studying at the University of Hull and am in Year 6 of a part time BA History and Archaeology degree. I am at present studying a GIS module, which will then lead into the dissertation, which is a landscape history of Ripon, N…

Undergraduate 0000
Gregory Campbell Lead ampullae

Lead ampullae for holy water and oil are widely distributed and common objects of veneration from medieval times. One of the more common is the 'shell-shaped' form, thought to imitate the scallop-shell (the badge of pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, and eventually a general …

Personal research project 0000
Hector A. Orengo Network analysis of the distribution of food plants in Roman and Medieval Britain

Network analysis of the distribution of food plants in Roman and Medieval Britain is a new project hosted at the Department of Archaeology of the University of Nottingham and directed by Dr. H.A. Orengo and Dr. A. Livarda. The project aims at analysing the distribution of archaeobotanical…

PhD level research 0000

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